Ways That Your Vet Will Treat Your Dog's Paw Pad Burns

Posted on: 6 June 2023

While it might seem like an unlikely injury, some dogs can develop burns on the pads of their paws as a result of spending time on a hot surface. A common culprit is a section of asphalt, which can get extremely hot on a sunny day. If you've inadvertently walked your dog on such a surface and have subsequently noticed that the animal appears to have burns on its pads, you'll want to contact your veterinarian for advice. While minor burns may heal up on their own, serious burns will require professional care. Here are three things that your vet will do for your dog's paw pad burns.


If the paw pad burn is serious enough to cause an open wound, the wound can become infected as a result of exposure to bacteria on the ground or in the dog's mouth if it has licked the affected area. Your veterinarian will be able to quickly tell if the paw pad burn is infected or not and will carefully clean it. Even if it's not infected, the vet will still clean the affected area so that it's not at risk of infection.


It's common for veterinarians to bandage burns in this part of a dog's body if they're serious enough. Bandaging the dog's foot will achieve multiple goals. The soft padding of the bandage will protect the burned area and allow your dog to walk with more ease as the burn heals. Additionally, the padding will help to prevent the burn from being exposed to debris that may slow down the healing process. It's likely that the vet will treat the burned areas with a medicated cream before applying the bandages, and they'll probably give you a small supply of bandages and a brief tutorial so that you can apply new bandages in the days ahead as the burns heal.

Prescribe Antibiotics

There's a chance that your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to help your dog's paw pad burns heal properly. Antibiotics are often necessary if an infection is present. Giving your pet this medication as per the recommendation will get rid of the infection in a short amount of time, which can also help to alleviate some of the discomfort that your pet may be experiencing. While you might feel a bit embarrassed about your dog suffering this injury as a result of you walking it, it's important to ensure that your pet receives the care it needs if it has a case of paw pad burn.

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