• FAQs About Overnight Vet Hospital Stays

    When your dog or cat becomes very ill, they may need to stay overnight at the veterinary hospital for care and observation. As a pet owner, it can be scary to leave your pet somewhere else overnight. Having your questions about the experience answered can help make you more comfortable and reassure you that your pet is in good hands.  What care will your pet receive overnight? This depends on your pet's health and the condition that has brought them into the hospital in the first place.
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  • Learn About the Ragdoll Cat

    The ragdoll cat breed is relatively new, having only been established in the 1960s. They are also an American breed since the breed's developer lived in the US. The base breeds that make up the ragdolls' breed include Persian and Birman cats. The cats come in 6 colors and have different variations that their coloring can come in, including mitted and color pointed. If you are interested in getting a ragdoll kitten, you might want to know what the breed is like.
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