FAQs About Overnight Vet Hospital Stays

Posted on: 4 June 2021

When your dog or cat becomes very ill, they may need to stay overnight at the veterinary hospital for care and observation. As a pet owner, it can be scary to leave your pet somewhere else overnight. Having your questions about the experience answered can help make you more comfortable and reassure you that your pet is in good hands. 

What care will your pet receive overnight?

This depends on your pet's health and the condition that has brought them into the hospital in the first place. Usually, though, if pets are kept overnight, it is because the vet feels they need IV fluids and medications to remain stable. Via an IV, your pet will often be given a mild sedative, just to keep them calm and comfortable as the vet treats them. They may also be given IV pain relievers, along with fluids to keep them hydrated.

Who watches over your pet?

At most veterinary hospitals, there is at least one vet present overnight. However, most of the overnight work tends to be done by veterinary technicians. These professionals are trained to administer medications at the direction of the vet, and also to check on your pet and make sure they are comfortable. If the vet techs do notice anything is amiss with your pet, they will alert the vet, who can come and provide the necessary care.

Will your pet get extra attention?

Some owners are sad when they picture their dog or cat sitting alone in a cage all night. But rest assured — at most vet hospitals, the pets are given plenty of love and attention. Cuddling and petting the patients is part of the vet techs' job in most hospitals. Some larger vet hospitals even pay extra personnel just to come in and give the pets attention. You don't have to worry about your pet being abandoned and lonely when they are sick.

How much does an overnight stay cost?

This varies from hospital to hospital and is dependent on what care your pet needs during their stay. Most vet hospitals charge a couple hundred dollars for the stay alone, and then each component of care they provide is an additional charge on top of that. The vet hospital your pet is staying at should be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

With your questions answered, you should not feel more comfortable leaving your furry friend at the vet hospital overnight.