Going Out Of Town And Have A Dog? Use A Dog Boarding Facility

Posted on: 23 February 2023

There are many times when you cannot take your furry friend with you when you go on vacation, go on a business trip, etc. This can make it difficult for you, as well as your dog. One thing you should consider is using a dog boarding facility. Keep reading to learn more about these facilities.

Housing Animals

One thing to consider is how the dog boarding facility houses their dogs. For example, if your dog currently stays in a crate at night inside your home, you should look for a dog boarding facility that does the same. Sleeping in a crate can make a dog feel secure and they may be more comfortable. If so, ask to look at the crates as they should be large enough for your dog to stand up and move around in. They should also have water available in the crate, as well as a dog bed or soft blanket. 

If your dog does not use any kind of crate, staying in one at night will be stressful for them. Fortunately, there are dog boarding facilities that do not use crates or offer other types of housing along with crating. These facilities have large rooms where they keep their dogs so they can socialize and interact with each other. They may have different areas that they section off so they can separate dogs that do not get along. 


Another thing to consider is how secure the dog boarding facility is. The dogs will go outside throughout the day to play and to have potty breaks. Because of this, ask to see the area where the dogs go. There should be a security fence around the area. This fence should be tall enough that dogs cannot easily jump over it. Privacy fencing is often used as dogs cannot see through this fence. There should also be enough room for the dogs to play and run. If the facility is large, they will likely take a small group out at a time. 

Along with a security fence, there should also be a security gate. There may be security cameras set up in this area. Dogs should never be left alone outside but instead a worker should always be with them. This allows them to be sure all animals are safe.

Visit a few dog boarding facilities to learn much more about them and how they work.