3 Tips To Keep Your Goldendoodle Happy And Healthy

Posted on: 29 November 2022

Goldendoodles—a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever—are a great breed since they are intelligent, loyal, and low-shedding. If you are interested in getting this breed, you'll want to start educating yourself on their upkeep so that you can keep your pup happy and healthy. Here are three grooming tips to keep in mind.

Invest in the Right Brushes for Your Dog

Even though Goldendoodles don't shed much, they have a unique, curly coat that needs to be maintained so that it doesn't mat. There are some different brushes to purchase such as an undercoat rake, pin brush, and slicker brush.

Undercoat Rake

There are single-coated breeds, which just have guard hairs, and then there are double-coated dogs which have guard hairs on top and thicker undercoats for colder weather. If your Goldendoodle takes after the poodle side more, you may not need an undercoat rake. However, if your Goldendoodle takes more after his or her golden retriever side, then he or she may have more of an undercoat and need this type of brush. The undercoat rake gathers loose fur in the undercoat and brings it toward the surface so that you can comb it out. Even though your Goldendoodle will likely be a low shedder, this brush is a great way to reduce shedding even more.

Slicker Brush

These brushes are great if your Goldendoodle has medium to long hair since they are made up of fine wire bristles and are easier to pull through a coat. Like the undercoat rake, slicker brushes can help remove mats, but they can also help you remove any dirt and debris from your dog's coat.

Pin Brush

Some Goldendoodles have very sensitive skin and may not respond well to the pressure of slicker brushes. Pin brushes are generally gentler; rather than breaking up knots, they are meant to smooth the coat and prevent hair breakage. Pin brushes give your dog's coat a nice, silky finish.

Clean and Check Their Ears Regularly

Since Goldendoodles have floppy ears with lots of fur, it's easy for debris to build up in the ear canal. There isn't sufficient airflow, so it's easy for bacteria to build up if your dog's ears get damp. Be sure to ask your vet for a recommended ear cleaner—usually, once every other week is sufficient to clean the ears out. Dogs who are very active and get wet a lot outside may need cleanings every week. Besides regular cleaning, you should check your dog's ears for any signs of infection (e.g. discharge, swelling, crustiness, etc.).  

Don't Over-bathe Them

Again, Goldendoodles can have sensitive skin, so you don't want to over-bathe them since that can remove their natural skin oils and dry out their skin. In general, you can get away with bathing them only once a month (more baths if they are very active, muddy, etc.). You should brush your dog's mats out before bathing; otherwise, it will be difficult to remove tangles. Bathing is also easier with the right haircut; a kennel cut or a teddy bear/puppy cut is easy to brush and easy to bathe since they are shorter cuts. Lastly, make sure you use the right shampoo when bathing. You shouldn't use regular shampoo on your pup; only use shampoos that are formulated for pets.

Reach out to a breeder in your area for more details about Goldendoodles for sale.