Why Do Ball Pythons Make Excellent Pets?

Posted on: 27 May 2022

Ball pythons are named for their distinctive habit of curling into a ball when they feel threatened. These snakes come in many beautiful colors, known as morphs, and they're easy to care for. If you're interested in owning a reptile, you should consider purchasing a ball python from a breeder. These are four reasons that ball pythons make excellent pets:

1. They are docile.

There are many types of snakes for snake enthusiasts to choose from. However, many people consider ball pythons to be ideal snakes for beginners. Ball pythons are docile and lack the aggression of other snake species. You can expect your ball python to handle human interaction well, especially if you raise your snake from a baby. Like all snakes, ball pythons must be treated with respect and care, but for the right owner, a ball python can provide years of friendly companionship.

2. They do not require a lot of space.

Ball pythons should be kept in specially designed enclosures, unlike cats and dogs, which typically have the run of their owners' homes. Ball pythons need comparatively little space. Even fully grown adult pythons can be comfortably housed in terrariums that measure eight square feet. This makes ball pythons suitable even for pet owners who live in small apartments.

3. They are neat and clean animals.

Dogs, cats, and other furry creatures can create a lot of mess in your home. These animals shed, and they may scratch your furniture and chew your belongings. By contrast, ball pythons are neat and clean animals. Your ball python will live in a glass or plastic enclosure that can be kept atop a table or counter. As long as you clean your python's terrarium regularly, it will remain a sanitary and odor-free space. Ball pythons lack the fur of other animals, so you won't have to worry about finding fur on your furniture or clothing.

4. They are fascinating to look at and handle.

Finally, you should get a ball python if you love snakes. Snakes are exotic animals prized by people who love how unusual they are. Watching snakes move, bask, and eat can be an edifying experience. Plus, you can handle your ball python to enjoy your pet firsthand. Ball pythons can be handled up to once a day without causing your snake undue stress, so you can look forward to petting and carrying your snake as a bonding experience.

For more information about ball pythons for sale, contact a local breeder.