4 Reasons Reptiles Make Excellent Pets

Posted on: 30 November 2018

When people think of pets, they often think of cats or dogs. While cats and dogs can be excellent pets, they aren't the only option available. Reptiles make great pets for people of all ages. If you've never considered owning a reptile before, here are four reasons you should consider reptiles for sale.

1. Reptiles can be affectionate. 

Reptiles aren't warm or fuzzy like mammals, but that doesn't mean they can't be affectionate. According to PetMD, many reptiles enjoy being petted. Like other animals, reptiles grow used to their owners and tend to prefer them over other humans. Many snake owners report that their snakes love to sit on their shoulders while they do daily activities like watching television.

2. Reptiles are hypoallergenic.

Allergies can be a real disappointment for animal lovers. When people are allergic to pets, they are usually allergic to the animal's dander, fur, or saliva; sometimes people are allergic to all three. If you have allergies, a reptile is the perfect pet for you. Unlike other animals, reptiles are perfectly hairless, so there is no fur to irritate your eyes and nose. And unlike dogs, reptiles don't typically lick their owners as a sign of affection.

3. Reptiles are perfect for apartments.

Other animals need a large house with a backyard in order to fulfill their need for space and exercise. Reptiles, however, are very compact. You can house your reptile in a terrarium which fits in one room of your house. Even very large reptiles will be content in a terrarium, provided it is spacious enough. This is the perfect option for people who live in cities, where owning a backyard isn't a viable option.

4. Reptiles are exotic and beautiful.

Many people are drawn to keeping reptiles as pets because of their unique nature. To put it simply: reptiles are cool. Whether you choose a beautiful, sinewy python or a majestic bearded dragon as a companion, people will love looking at your reptile. These pets are very photogenic, and you can have endless fun photographing them to show all your friends. Although reptiles are fun to look at, just remember to always treat your reptile with respect. They make fantastic pets, but they are still wild animals.

Reptiles can provide you and your family hours of enjoyment. They're unique pets that are perfect for almost any lifestyle. These are just a few reasons to consider adopting a reptile from a pet store or breeder.