3 Situations Where Professional Boarding Makes Sense For Your Pet

Posted on: 21 September 2018

If you're like most people who share their lives and homes with pets, you give your furry friends the best possible care. Like many pet owners, you may feel it's preferable to hire a pet sitter or relying on a friend or neighbor to come to your home at feed, water, and clean up after your pets when you go out of town on business or pleasure.

After all, it isn't possible to always take them with you when you travel, and pet sitting services at least allows them to remain in the familiar environment of their home. However, using a boarding facility instead does have some advantages over hiring a private pet sitter or depending on a kind neighbor to look after your pets in your absence. Following are three situations where a professional boarding facility may be a better option than a pet sitting service or a friend or neighbor.

1. Your Pet is Still in the Puppy or Kitten Stage

Younger pets are more likely to become destructive or get into mischief when left alone for long periods of time — leaving that energetic kitten home alone, for instance. They also have greater exercise needs than their older counterparts and usually require more potty breaks. They also tend to do better if they're given several small meals throughout the course of the day rather than one large meal. Most pet sitting services only come to your home once per day, and this may not be enough for your puppy or kitten.

At this age, they are still in need of socialization, and a boarding situation with other animals around can help with this process.

2. Your Pet Has Health Issues

If your pet has health issues that require close monitoring and/or the dispensing of medication, you'll probably appreciate the peace of mind provided by leaving it in the capable hands of the staff at a professional boarding facility. Most boarding facilities offer the option of signing a statement allowing them to seek out emergency veterinary care on your pet's behalf as well.

3. You Only Have One Pet

Domestic pets are inherently social creatures and staying alone while you're gone for a few days may cause them serious anxiety — and this is true for many cats as well as their canine counterparts. The exception to this may be a senior pet who spends the majority of its time sleeping as long as the pet sitter or neighbor agrees to provide it with a little extra personal attention during visits. 

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