Dwayne Campbell

  • Getting Your First Puppy? How To Get Ready

    When you are planning to get your first puppy, whether you are going to buy a puppy from a breeder or adopt them from a shelter, you are likely overwhelmed with excitement. However, you do not want to allow your excitement to keep you from being ready and prepared for when your new puppy comes home with you. There are many steps you should take to get ready for your new puppy before you bring them home.
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  • 4 Emergency Reasons To Take Your Cat To The Vet

    If you have a cat in your home, you'll want to do all you can to keep your furry feline healthy. This is sure to allow you to feel happier and will enable your pet to continually feel well. However, there are various emergencies that may occur, and it could be necessary to visit an emergency cat vet. Of course, you'll want to find one that is in your area to help you get the lowest price.
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